Chart of Squares Needed for Rag Quilts by Size

How many squares do I need to make a rag quilt is a very common question I’m asked. Sometimes I think our math teachers should answer, “quilting” anytime they are asked why we need to learn algebra. I know it was a shock to me how much math was involved in quilting. While there are some great charts out there (like the one from Fairfield World), they rarely take into account larger block sizes like the 10″ precuts in layer cake bundles or they don’t include the actual finished sizes, instead choosing to round measurements.

So, I sat down and created a chart of the most common block sizes and quilt sizes that spells out seam allowances and the final finished size of each combination (minus rag edging). Because some people like to bind their quilts and other leave them ragged, I did not include the rag edge or a bound edge measurement in the chart calculations. However, I did include the actual size of the quilt without edging/binding for each block combination because not all sizes are perfectly divisible by a specific square size. In other words, you can’t make a perfectly 50×60 throw quilt out of 7″ blocks (for example). For more rag quilt help, be sure to check out our list of common rag quilting questions and answers and our tutorial on how to make a rag quilt.

I hope this chart is helpful to you in figuring out how many squares you’ll need for your next rag quilt. While I encourage you to print a copy for your own personal use, please do not copy and paste or republish the file elsewhere. Traffic to this site and clicks on advertisements and affiliate links helps to fund the costs of this site and ensures I will be able to continue to offer this type of content without requesting a membership fee. To share, please share the link to this article (not the PDF alone) or use one of the social media buttons found at the bottom of this article. Thank you!